What types of snus are there?

Sweden is considered a country that has created a great snus kingdom. That is where snus was created as a smokeless tobacco product for oral use and that is where the famous snus manufacturers continue to write its history. The snus kingdom is getting bigger and bigger and it is not easy to find your way around, especially if you are a newcomer. Original Portion, All White Snus or even Super Slim - all these terms irritate even some worldly-wise snus connoisseurs. Over the last fifty years the snus industry has changed to the point of ignorance - a lot of different varieties and formats have been created. Um Ihnen eine klare Vorstellung darüber zu machen, haben wir bei Snuskingdom eine Übersicht über die verschiedenen Arten von Snus und ihre Besonderheiten vorbereitet. 

The variety and uniqueness of the types of snus


The oldest type is loose snus, which was the only type of snus being sold until the 60s of the last century. Nowadays, it looks exactly the same as two centuries ago and is considered the basis of the Swedish tradition of snus consumption. The special feature of loose snus is that the snus powder is simply in loose form in the can. The unique features - the possibility to dose it yourself and the quick snus experience.

Portion snus was first introduced to the snus market in the 1970's, but is rapidly gaining popularity and is now widely used among snus users in Europe. The most important advantage - the snus powder is packed in small paper bags similar to tea bags. Most snusers prefer the pre-portioned snus thanks to its convenience. Portioned snus is divided into subcategories according to two criteria - format and size. The format and the degree of moisture are also distinguished:

  • Original Portion - the first form of portion snus - is characterized by its wet surface and wet content, resulting in a fast snus experience.
  • White Portion has the wet content and dry white surface, less clotting and guarantees the slower nicotine and taste experience.
  • All White Portion is the latest snus format with the completely dry pouch. This snus consists of one part tobacco mixed with cellulose, resulting in a completely white surface.

There is no common size classification: the size of the pouches vary according to brand and manufacturer. But there are three sizes that can be found in all brands: Large or Normal, Slim and Mini. Normal is the most common size of pre-portioned snus, which usually contains 0.7-1.1 grams of snus. Slim snus is packaged in pouches that are the same length as the normal portion, but slightly slimmer. Mini pouches are small and rather square and guarantee the pleasant feeling behind the lip. 

Each type of snus is unique and therefore gives a different snus experience. Please pay attention to this!