Coal filters. What's this?

Coal filters are nothing more than activated carbon placed in the case. Activated carbon has the ability to absorb harmful substances from air, water or various substances. They can be in the form of cassettes filled with carbon fleece. Activated carbon can be in the form of granules enclosed in a box. Combinations of these forms are also found on the market. Coal filters are used in various industries, from food to automotive and chemical. What is activated carbon?
Activated carbon is carbon as an element. It has a very porous structure, so it has a high absorption ability. It can absorb a large amount of chemicals. Activated carbon is carried out in the process of activation. For the production of activated coal, they choose raw materials with a high carbon content. This is: brown coal
Coconut shell
The process of carbon activation is based on the effects of high pressure and gas on raw materials in conditions of high temperature and without oxygen access. Where are coal filters most often used?
Coal filters are most often used in air purifiers. Activated carbon contained in filters of this type must have appropriate granulation in order to correctly perform its function. The filter housing should provide the optimal distribution of granules over the entire surface of the filter. Why are carbon filters used in air purifiers?
The most important filters used in air purifiers are Hepa filters. They are followed by coal filters. They absorb gaseous organic pollutants that cannot absorb non-filters. These relationships: volatile organic compounds, very toxic to humans. They arise, including when smoking cigarettes, burning of paraffin candles, etc.
Smells, i.e. Specific volatile organic compounds. They arise as a result of natural decay processes, that is, decay. There are a lot of them around landfills, treatment facilities, etc. They are very harmful to the human respiratory system.
Thanks to their properties, coal filters are used in other industries. The choice and installation of filters depends on the specifics of production at this enterprise. A list of brokers to trade crypto with leverage up to 1:600