Ravindra Jadeja Height, Weight

Ravindra Jadeja Height, Weight

Ravindra Jadeja plays Indian cricket. He is a left handed middle-order batsman, and he also bowls left arm orthodox spin. He is known for his versatility and consistency, making him one of the top fielders in cricket. He is an important metric for many players, from professional athletes to young children. You can find out his height and weight by reading the following.

Ravindra Jadeja, was born in Jamnagar Gujarat, India on December 6, 1988. His mother, Lata Jadeja Jadeja (his father), and Aniruddhasinh jadeja (his mother) are both dead. He is survived by his two sisters, Nidhyana & Nain. In 2015, he married Rivba Solanki. He and Rivba Solanki have a daughter named Nidhyana who was born in 2018.

Ravindra Jadeja, a graduate of college, played for Kochi Tuskers Kerala. Later, he was with the Chennai Super Kings. Riva Solanki was his girlfriend and he got married to her in 2016. One daughter, Nidhyana, was born to the couple, while Ravindra is their son. The actor and his family are Hindu. He also has two sisters. The couple is also parents of Nidhyana, the singer and model. The couple have one child. Read info about Ravindra Jadeja height.

Ravindra Jadeja was a normal Hindu child. He was born in Jamnagar. His father is a security guard and his mom is a nurse. He is the oldest child of four and was just 16 when he was selected to the Indian U-19 Team. His family is Hindu. He has two sisters. Rivaba Solanki is the wife of his first wife. The proud parents of Nidhyana (a Bollywood actress), are Rivaba Solanki and him.

Ravindra Jadeja, a son of an army officer, was born in Rajkot (Gujarat, India) on 6th December 1988. His father was an officer in the army and his mother was afraid of him. He was a vegetarian his entire childhood. However, he became a vegetarian later in life. Apart from being an athlete, he was also religious. His mother was Hindu. Although they didn't have many kids, they were very close. They met at a restaurant.

Ravindra Jadeja does not have a wife. He lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His eyes are brown and his hair red. He is not single. Rivaba Solanki is the woman he is married to. His wife is NavagamGhed. He was born December 6, 1988. His height is 170cm. His eye color, brown, is his. His eyes are black while his hair is dark brown.

A player's height is crucial. You must have good vision if you want to play cricket. An individual's height is measured by millimeters. Therefore, his eyesight could be slightly different. Ravindra Jadeja's eyes are red with brown hair. His eyes and hair are blue. He is a typical stunner with a long nose.

Ravindra Jadeja stands at 5 feet 8 inches. His weight is 65 kilograms. His figure is slim. His parents raised him here in Mumbai. His father was a guard in a private security company. His father wanted him as an army officer but he chose to follow a career in cricket. He was an acclaimed young cricketer who reached the top in both ODI and Test batting.

Indian cricketer, 5 feet 8 inches high. He stands 6 feet and 8 inches tall. His wife is an ex-model, and was born in Jamnagar. He is the father of two children. They are his sole child. Jadeja was afraid of her father as a watchman for a private security company during their childhood. His father was a guardian and he did NOT want his son growing up to be like him.

Ravindra Jadeja as a boy was shy and afraid of his dad. After the death of his mother, he was forced quit cricket. He practiced until he was sixteen. He was selected for India's under-19 team in 2006. He was a part of four Tests against Australia in which he took 3 wickets. He is 65kg.