Steam baths: effective cleansing of the skin of the face without harm to his health

In the cabin for cosmetic skin care, professional cleaning of the face is carried out. Attract prices for ultrasonic peeling, there is vacuum cleaning, with a scrub and chemical acids, others. For any skin condition and its type, it is easy to choose an effective option.

You can clean the cleaning at home. Effective procedure for the release of pores from dirty traffic jams showed itself a steam bath. Hot steam instantly reveals skin "pores" (pores), of which it is easy to remove the clusters of the saline and dust.

The fabric themselves at this moment are actively given toxins and slags, and after the procedure, the nutrients from masks and creams are better perceived. As a result, the face after the steam bath looks perfectly clean, healthy, beautiful in color.

Along with the effect of purification, the reaction of the cells of the dermis onto the heat, heating. The influx of blood is improved, cells consume more oxygen, the processes of wetting tissues and their regeneration are accelerated.

It can be said that regular steam baths contribute to the preservation of freshness and elasticity of the face.

The frequency with which thermal baths should be made is determined by the skin type and its problems. For example, with weak capillaries or extended pores, you should not get involved in the baths.

As with abundant purulent rashes at acne. But in greasy and fast contaminated skin they will be useful once a week, but should not be long, 2-3 minutes of steam exposure is enough. Suitable for mixed and normal skin - 1-2 times a month.

The container with hot water or herbal decoction will be required. Flowers of linden, chamomile, sage, birch leaves, currants are useful. Bath with herbs is an additional benefit to your face, prevention and acne treatment, excellent disinfection and tonization.

The face must be sweat in advance, you can walk with a cleansing lotion. Hair needs to be hidden under the handkerchief, and the eyelids and lips protect from a hot steam with a fat cream. Ready?

It remains to bring the face to the tank and "dive" under the terry towel, to keep the eyes closed. You yourself feel that the face is optimally sparkled, and the pores are maximally disclosed. Remove the dirt and lacat with a napkin moistened in thermal water.

Fatty skin is allowed to be treated with fruit-based peeling, oatmeal or candied honey. When the face cools out, make a calming and tightening mask, as an option - a toning massage of ice cube from the freezer. Your face will shine, tightens, it will be cleaned, it will look great! мостбет официальный сайт мостбет подписаться на рассылку новостей в моем кабинете.