Chin Dildos: The Best Chin Dildos Of 2020 - Complete Guide

Many girls like when their partner is “down there” and teases clitoris with tongue and lips. But in many cases, muff diving is not enough to climax, because G-spot and vagina are left untouched. Luckily, there is a way out for couples who love oral sex. Convenient and cheap, chin dildos allow stimulating all zones and enhance sexual sensations considerably.

What is a Chin Dildo?


This is an adult toy made in the form of a penis with straps used to attach it to user’s chin. Being fixed beneath the mouth, the item leaves mouth free, which allows performing oral clitoral or vaginal penetration while the shaft is moving in and out of anus or vagina.


The best chin dildo is a versatile all-size sex toy that may be worn by both men and women. Thus, the device is ideal for people of any sexuality and for any type of sexual activity. Firm and slightly curved frame provides powerful penetration and hitting of right spots. It is quite simple and convenient in use and doesn’t require much of wearer’s effort.

Main Characteristics


Most chin dildos online have similar characteristics. They are usually produced from rubber, latex or silicone, and have elastic straps made of the same material, e.g. this is a single-piece item. Colors of items may be both natural (white or black skin) and exotic, for instance, blue, pink or purple.


As a rule, shafts are of average size (7-8 inches long), but smaller and bigger chin dildos for sale are also present in some stores. Average width is 1.25-1.5 inches. Latex straps are one-sized and can be adjusted at any user’s head.


The vast majority of dildos are made to look realistic: they feature a shaft with head and veins, but balls are not included for it to be more convenient.


Some devices come with different modes of work: escalating vibration, pulsation, rotation, etc. that are controlled with the help of buttons.


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How to Use


If you haven’t tried this thing yet, don’t be afraid of using it for the first time. Yes, it takes some time and practice to understand how the item works, but you will learn how to use chin dildo just in the first minutes.


First of all, you should learn how to fix it correctly. Pull the straps and put the device on your head, fixing the dildo on your chin firmly. It shouldn’t dangle: you need to control the motions perfectly. After that, apply water soluble lubricant on the toy, if needed.


Inject the thing into the right place and move in and out. Change vibration speeds and try all options of the item bought, it’s going to be a lot of fun! Don’t forget to use your tongue, as well, it will provide double penetration and stronger climaxing. Feel free to experiment and search for ideal poses and styles.


You can also read some chin dildo reviews to understand what pros and cons of each model are, and how it can be applied.


If you experience pain or unpleasant sensations during and after intercourse, try adding more lube or changing the position. If aching continues for several days, visit a doctor.

How to Choose


If you are searching for chin dildo for sale, you should consider the following aspects:



  • Make purchases in official stores that guarantee product authenticity. Be aware of fake production, because it can be made of unsafe materials.

  • The vast majority of dildos come with one-size latex straps. They are preferable to leather straps, being more convenient in use.

  • Need an optimal chin dildo price? Select the items made of rubber and featuring minimal options.

  • Choose the appropriate size and remember that the longer is not always the better. Even a 5-7 inches long dildo can be enough to bring mind-blowing pleasure.

  • If you will use a dlido for anal penetration, buy a chin dildo of hard plastic or silicone – they are non-porous and safer.

  • The more vibration modes, the more interesting! If you want to get maximum pleasure from your adult toy, spare no expense for advanced models.

    Where to Buy a Chin Dildo?


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    Order a chin dildo, and you will open the new facets of oral sex, making it way more pleasant. This is a perfect variant for lesbian and heterosexual couples, and may become a nice gift for your partner. Open the partner’s site and find your ideal item!