Armor plate cerrier

Brief description - lightweight, reduced to the essentials, best plate carrier and for attaching modular pouches. Material-100% polyamide; inner lining: 100% polyester. WPC™The Condor Sentry plate holder is an updated version of the classic Compact plate holder. The plate holder provides a more comfortable fit when carrying standard plates, a rescue handle, quick front panel adjustment, and velcro shoulder straps. Suitable for medium to large plates up to 25 x 30 cm.


  • Breathable 3D-Airmesh inner padding.
  • Side adjustment straps with quick release buckles.
  • Adjustable velcro shoulder straps.
  • Removable shoulder pads.
  • Cable and hose holders on shoulder pads.
  • MOLLE webbing on front and back.
  • Velcro for ID badges on front and back.
  • Recovery handle.
  • Weight: approx. 815 g.

Improvements in personal protective equipment are continuing on several fronts. Instead of creating universal samples, we are developing specialized models of body armor, and depending on the area of their application, the standardization of the elements and modularity of the design makes it possible to change the characteristics of the protective equipment. There is a more pronounced differentiation in the level of protection of different zones, depending on their vulnerability.

We are seeing an increase in the degree of protection: modern body armor often features shoulder pads, a bullet-protective gate, crotch protection, side panels, and shock-absorbing "anti-shock" inserts.The design includes additional elements to accommodate weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, equipment, and accessories, such as internal conduits for communication wires. Protection against non-ballistic hazards is being introduced: some models of modern body armor have a fire-resistant coating made of nomex or a special fabric "Thor Shield" for protection against electric current.