Anastrozole value for bodybuilders

Anastrozole is a medicine that works to reduce the amount of estrogen and increase the production of testosterone in the body.

In the bodybuilding field, Anastrozole has become widespread as a post cycle therapy after taking strong anabolic steroids, due to its ability to effectively remove water and resist gynecomastia. The advantages of the drug also include fast action: the aromatization processes are blocked within 2 days after the start of administration.

Anastrozole has gained popularity in bodybuilding due to the fact that it deliberately suppresses the synthesis of estrogen in the body. That is, in fact, the drug eliminates the cause, and not the symptoms of estrogenic manifestations. Therefore, Anastrozole has a pronounced fat burning effect, since the formation of fat deposits also occurs under the influence of estrogens.

The use of Anastrozole in bodybuilding helps to successfully solve a number of problems:

  • to prevent or treat gynecomastia in male athletes;
  • improve muscle definition;
  • increase the level of anabolic hormones;
  • prevent possible enlargement of the prostate due to taking steroids.

It is recommended to start taking the drug at the same time as the beginning of the course of anabolic steroids, or when signs of aromatization appear. Therefore, it is best to order steroids and Anastrozole in combination. The standard dosage is 0.25 - 1 mg. The drug is well absorbed regardless of food intake, but it has the greatest effect when taken on an empty stomach. In this case, it is well absorbed by the intestines and quickly enters the bloodstream.